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Farill Farook is a Motivational Speaker, Personality development coach and Business Psychologist. Recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in the country, having spoken at over 200 events inspiring over 100,000 audiences across the island. Farill is a master storyteller with a unique way of captivating his audiences. His material is original, easy to understand, and takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery to help connect with a higher level of awareness. His straight-from-the-heart approach, passion, and high energy motivate audiences to step beyond their limitations and achieve great success and milestones

Farill has spoken at various organizations including Diplomatic missions, International exports , telecommunication, exports, Banking, Insurance, Education etc..

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What people are saying

  • Mr. Farook is a good speaker, with a friendly personality who encourages others to be there self-expressing their views. The program thought me how to be a successful speaker like Mr.Farook. I was able to discover my strengths and weakness.

    – Zumra Zaman Thaha, IPM

  • This programme was an event which makes me to understand the hidden skills and talents in myself. Highly motivational and I was inspired by his speeches. This program will be an investment for my professional career

    – Mohamed Rishan

  • Enjoyed the variety of exercise. For example, one-week debating, then role play, then prepared exercise. Enjoyed that majority is unprepared. Group was very positive and facilitator was encouraging.

    – Chantal

  • The program is educative and entertaining, the facilitator is lively, delivers his points well both with theories and practical examples. Active participation by all, and everyone was carried along which was a hallmark of the program. This program is well coordinated and has supported my career actualization

    -Nwokwu Christian, University of Colombo

  • Honestly when entering this program I expected boredom, but after participation I really enjoyed very much. Facilitator is very friendly and encouraging and did an excellent job and helped participants to overcome speaking in front of others and speak confidently.

    Ivasha Anjalie.

  • The program was very enjoyable with many activities and knowledgeable insights for mastering public speaking. I learnt many new techniques and refreshing points from the view of a master, Mr. Farill

    -Jay Jeyaharn, Northshore College 

  • Yes I enjoyed the course and learned how to be a leader, team player and confident speaker in few weeks’ time. Mr. Farill Farook tried his best to boost our confidence levels and most importantly offered limitless opportunities to the under-privileged late bloomers. I benefited heavily in this perspective. I would recommend anyone who in interested to improve public speaking skills to engage with Mr.Farill Farook’s course, his counselling and training is tailor made.

    -Chamalee Semasinghe, University of Colombo

  • Surpassed my expectation. Very energetic and priceless.

    – Nimeli Mendis, Development Assistant. Canadian High Commission

  • Very satisfied value for time and learnt ways to improve. I liked the friendly nature in his style of presentation and he shares relevant content related to local situations.

    -Indirani Jayawardena, Political & Media officer. Canadian High Commission

  • It was a wonderful seminar. I learned a lot and it was beyond my expectation. It was time & money worth and this was the first time I listened to a program on Passion.

     – Moditha Attanayake, Senior Executive, Hatton National Bank

  • Lots of energy, value and super content. His 7P formula and examples were great and unique way of sharing knowledge to match present context. Happy to be at today’s session.


     – Hasanka Padukka, Project Manager, Dialog Axiata

  • your public speaking course, really helped me to come out from my shell, Generally I’m a shy person. But this one to one session helped me immensely to take out my public speaking skills.

     – Eshan Bucksimiar, Senior Manger , Dubai Bank

  • One of the most inspiring individuals I met in Sri Lanka.i enjoyed working with him and look forward to do in the future too..

     – Mohamed Rasheed, Visionary Entrepreneur, Twitter Maldives

  • I enjoyed 100% - the program was inspiring and different

     – Mohammed Faizal, CEO , Rent a Comp Services

  • Excellent program, learnt a lot, enjoyed the content and the ability of the speaker

     – Afradh Fazal

  • Wonderful session, Learnt valuable tips on planting a dream and finding one's purpose and starting new

     -M.D. Dahanayake General Manager- procurement, ICC (Pvt)Ltd

  • Excellent content, gave an insight to discover one's passion and start working from day one

     – Mrs Romani Fernando Teacher

To be released in January 2018

Life & Success Coaching

Overcome adversity

Overcome fear & phobia

Confidence building

Add meaning to life

Public speaking & communication

Personal mastery

Personal Branding and Brand Development

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