Training and development with a difference

Looking for an energetic speaker /trainer to mesmerize your next staff outing, keynote address or in-house training session

Topics covered

Motivation (covers behavioral psychology and attitude shift)

  • Optimize performance and get to the next level
  • The role of people management & EQ
  • Personal effectiveness & paradigm shift
  • Team building, employee Motivation and Psychological health
  • Developing a can-do attitude and personal mastery
  • Discover the Winner in you- signature workshop

Communication (enhance inter and inter- personal communication)

  • Be a powerful speaker, presenter and communicator
  • Enhance Your Business communication Skills
  • Business Communication & English education
  • Leadership, Personality development and public speaking
  • Storytelling – how to win business and engage your audience]
  • Soft skills training

Leadership (builds personal identity and mindfulness)

  • Leadership, Motivation & Engagement
  • Emotion intelligence and inner success of leaders
  • The importance of body language and micro expressions

On request

  • Customer Experience: How to delight and grow your customers
  • Sales motivation

Methodology: Interactive, high energy, activity based learning and coaching

Workshop  include : Keynote , 2 hours I Half day I  Full day I Two day I 6 weeks

One-on-one and group coaching session available

Medium :English /Sinhala

Output & benefits:

  • Results oriented
  • High quality content and personal growth
  • Creating better leaders and better attitude
  • Tailored to your organization
  • Flexibility

Two Types Of Coaching:

  • Private (1-on-1 & Skype)
  • Group ( group session )

Private (1-on-1) Coaching with Farill Farook is an intensive, high level coaching experience designed to help an individual maximize their potential and take their levels of success (both personally or professionally) beyond what they’ve ever experienced in the past.

Using his experience and personal intuition Farill personally coached over thousands individuals to achieve new levels of success and fulfillment. Leveraging Farill ’s background as a multi talented entrepreneur, Personality development coach, Inspiration Speaker, , Sales champion and happily married husband and father. Farill’s proven track record includes helping clients to:

  • Help discover one’s highest potential
  • Boost confidence to the next level
  • Overcome fear, Phobia & shyness
  • Personal & professional growth
  • Public speaking & personality development
  • Become a top performer in their field
  • Start a business & Personal branding
  • Health & success planning
  • Sales Coaching & Motivation

And much, much more

  • E-coaching via skype is available ( skype id : farill_98)
  • More details and month packages to follow soon.
    • Training and development / Keynote/ Consultation

If you’re looking for a dynamite speaker to inspire your audience and help them reach their highest potential, Farill is the best choice. His style of speaking to direct to the audience emotions will create

  • Training and development
  • Keynote/ Motivational Keynote / Guest speaker
  • Consultation& business strategist
  • Leadership Speaking
  • Sales Motivation
  • Youth Leadership Speaker
  • The program can be from 45 minutes, half /full day or boot camp sessions based on your requirements.
Training & Development

Training & Development

  • Creating Winning minds in your organization – A motivational session that will boost your teams thinking to the next level!
  • Inspire your minds & Attitude – A session to bring the best in your staff.
  • Increasing Self-Confidence – A session that will sky rocket your teams confidence and energy to attain high productivity.
  • Sales Influence, Persuasion and Motivation- Boost your sales team to achieve targets with purpose.
  • Powerful Speaker & presenter – Charisma .
  • Charisma and Leadership: Be a leader that everybody love, trust and respect.
  • Personal Branding: Positioning yourself as the expert in your field.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Effective Negotiating & managing difficult people.
  • Youth Leadership.
Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

  • Overcome adversity
  • Overcome fear & phobia
  • Personal mastery
  • Confidence building
  • Public speaking & communication
  • Personal Branding and Brand Development
  • Add meaning to life


  • Digital media consultancy
  • Marketing & Communication consultancy
  • Start up consultancy( help you build a perfect pitch)
  • Communication / PR / Publicity Campaigns

Present workshops



Past workshops