Farill Farook is in the business of creating hope and changing lives. Each day he strives to add value to the life’s of others and make a difference in society as a speaker coach and educator.  Farill has helped and inspired millions of individuals realize their true potential and has made it a life’s mission to reach as many individuals as possible in an attempt to develop effective leaders and better human beings.

In 2012, Farill took the bold decision to step down from his lucrative career and pursue his calling of inspiring individual’s and organization reach peak performance. His signature workshop “Discover the winner in you “is highly regarded and is based on his own formulas and success story that could be applied to any person to achieve success. As an advocate for transformation, he believes each person has the potential to reach greater heights with little encouragement and guidance.

Farill was awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) for the category Moral leadership by Junior Chamber International in 2017 for his contribution and commitment nurturing the youth and developing future leaders. Farill is also a winner of a special grant from the US government to conduct leadership, public speaking & English education programs partnering with the American Center Colombo.

Farill brings in a wealth of experience and expertise from many diverse fields along with his excellent facilitation and oratory skills. He has a good understanding of group dynamics and a deep passion for coaching. His straight-from-the-heart approach, passion, and high- energy motivate audiences to step beyond their limitations and achieve great success and milestones. Farill adopts a unique method of captivating his audience using humour and compelling stories to steer emotion and high energy. His material is original and easy to understand and takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery towards a higher level of awareness adopting a growth mindset.

Armed with an MSc in business psychology from the University of Coventry, Farill understands the inner triggers of motivation in individuals and helps channel them towards unleashing their potential. At present, he works closely with individuals convert their skills, talents, passion and expertise into a profitable business, personal brand or digital assets.

A relentless optimist and firmly believes that each person has the potential to achieve greatness with proper coaching and guidance. His core strengths include transforming individuals to reach mastery, self-discovery, overcoming self-limiting doubts, unleashing hidden talents and creating winning strategies. Farill believes his journey has just begun and has a long way to go from inspiring over thousands of millions individuals across the globe and creating a dent in the world.