My story

My back story

my story imageHi I’m Farill Farook and I truly believe everybody has great potential and could be unleashed with a little support, coaching, and when surrounded by the right environment.

Early days

My biggest hurdle is that I was a slow learner and found it difficult to grasp information, however I learn quite fast via images and storytelling. From my young days, I was drawn to entrepreneurship from trading superhero cards to WWF videotapes.

I still recall when studying for ABE economics class, the teacher mentioned “entrepreneurship” and a light bulb moment struck me and wanted me to pursue this path. This was the early seed when I partnered with three of my friends and started a company ‘Evolution Software’ based on the concept nursery incubator concept. Our first

project transmitting live election results with the full support of the election commissioner in the year2000.  From here we went on to creating an eLearning platform “Apex Study” and designed a business plan and pitch the prototype idea to investors (similar to Shark tanks) who stated the idea was ahead of time. Simultaneous, we conducted a distance learning program with many leading institutes with tremendous success and support.

After 4 years of learning and grinding in the entrepreneurial path, I decided to venture into the corporate world joining the advertising and PR industry managing key accounts such as Dialog Axiata, Glaxo SmithKline, Hemas Consumer, and AMW.