I’m Farill Farook.

I’m on a mission to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs and bring out the best version themselves and transform their personal brand into mastery, wealth and purpose.

“Life is like a Vehicle – Start Driving and Designing your life Journey towards Mastery”

I have always been curious about wealth, success, passion and living life to the fullest spending over 20 years on personality development and studying successful role models and raising the bar myself. What I discovered was that everybody has the potential to achieve greatness by designing their mastery and now I share my expertise with individuals and corporates with an educational platform centered on courses, coaching, mentoring in mastery, wealth and purpose.

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Growing up, key questions that were burning in my mind was “How does an individual become a champion? What separates a winner from a loser? Why do some achieve success and fail to sustain? And most importantly why don’t individuals follow what they truly love?” A moment that was always lingering my teenage years, was during the Olympics games or while watching the grand slam tennis tournaments between Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, wondering how did these athletes reach the pinnacle of their success at a young age and where do I start.

After years of confusion and pain seeking answers, what I understood is that anyone can reach mastery and it’s not necessarily restricted to a few, by participating in a voyage of discovery. The key factor which distinguished why some succeed naturally and others struggle were that they discovered their core identity and convert it into a craft. The reality is that each person has the liberty of building an identity based on their passion or purpose in four avenues:

  • Nurtured
  • Discovered
  • Launched
  • Designed

The four avenues are based on different age parameters and will explore critical analysis and drawbacks on how each person can shape their legacy.



  • Farill is a brilliant in imparting skills, knowledge & fostering positive attitude to practice. The structure of the program is impressive. He kept it a KISS – KEEP IT SIMPLE & SINCERE. I learnt a great deal of teaching methodologies that will help be in my work. – Rajiv Maduwela, Head of Training & Call Center, Domino’s Pizza

  • Excellent program, there was never a dull moment, loaded with practical examples.  Very informative and interactive, what I like about the program was the psychology aspect of leadership development.  – Kanishka – Account manager, Silueta MAS Holdings

  • 10/10 -It was a great programme, we learned a lot. The teaching mechanism was great. He was a great speaker and recommend him for future programmes as well. – Hashan Prabsath, Merchandiser, Silueta, MAS Holdings

  • Very satisfactory, because the training reached out to merchants work. The program was excellent and very interesting. Will attend more program of him- Kavinda Vithanapathirana, senior merchandiser, Silueta, MAS Holdings

  • Thank you very much for your support on the employee development day for the success of the event. You and your team did an excellent job – Chamini Jayasinha, Employee Services Team, Northsails International

  • One of the best leadership programs attended. Very good- Merchandiser, Silueta, MAS Holdings

  • Super experience, Learn about the importance of CRM, leadership and future developments. Farill was energetic and conducted the same level of enthusiasm from the inception of the programme to the end- Dilon Weerasinghe, Merchandiser, MAS Holdings

  • The Scout leaders were impressed by the presentation, and the content which was new to many in the audience. The interactive session was most appreciated. The same sentiments were also conveyed to me by the District Commissioner. Some leaders were in fact said that they would like to attend another programme like this. Some were enlightened on your session on Body Language. All in all it was a superb programme. On behalf of the Sri Lanka Scout Association Colombo District Branch, I sincerely thank you for conducting this programme. Thank you, Mareena Azoor ( M.B.A), Asst. Secretary, Sri Lanka Scout Association, Colombo District Branch

  • Everybody at the mission enjoyed his Presentation. Excellent delivery and ability to interact with
    the audience is exceptional. – Deepa Indrajit, HR Officer, Canadian High Commission

  • Thank you for the training conducted yesterday, it was a good session to motivate our agents. I highly appreciate it.We will keep in touch about the future development programme. – Nathali Roche, Specialist Quality Assurance Department/ Training & Development, Bellvantage (Pvt) Ltd.